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Bird trapping systems to catch the fowls incorporate an extensive variety of methods that have their starting points in the chasing of feathered creatures for sustenance. Some methods of bird trapping and seagull control can catch winged animals without hurting them and are useful in ornithology explore. Different bird trapping methods are

1. Clap traps

Clap traps are spring-stacked edges with mesh that are set up in two sections that meet up quickly when activated by winged animals or physically controlled to encase flying creatures.

2. Pipe traps/Corral traps

Pipe traps have a tight passage into which flying creatures might be tricked or driven and the passageway commonly prompts bigger holding pen or corral.

3. Cannon Nets

Running birds are some of the time caught utilizing a vast net which is tossed utilizing a progression of synchronized guns or rockets that shoot a mass that drags a net behind it over the whole rush.

4. Fog nets

Fog nets are fine nets that are reasonable for catching fowls in forests. The fine net is hung crosswise over trees to lie in the flight way of a flying creature.

5. Noose traps

Flying creatures that stroll on the ground can be caught utilizing a variety of mono-fiber nooses. These are typically put along favored sustaining, perching or settle locales.

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